Retrograde Marcury Capricorn-Sagittarius

Sun-Saturn cynodic cycle in Sagittarius
9th December 2016
Capricorn-Cancer Fullmoon
11th January 2017
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Retrograde Marcury Capricorn-Sagittarius


December 19, ’16 to January 8, ’17

As of December 19 just before its meeting with Pluto, Mercury turns in retrograde motion at 15o♑07′ of Capricorn.  During the following period we’re given the opportunity to be in an open dialogue with ourselves and our inner truth. Communication slows down as mercury demands not to waste our energy but to reevaluate our goals,plans and ideas. Mercury in Capricorn is a good placement for organising and structuring. Find what’s blocking your progress and correct it! Re-plan✔ Re-think ✔

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