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September 27 – November 7

The new placement of Mars in Capricorn signifies a new form of dynamics. Being Cardinal and earthy, he gives us the urge and the will to act and implement strictly on a practical level. He’s down-to-earth, conservative and calculating and often operates harshly leaving no space for sentimentalities or the possibility to be exposed.

In a Saturnal environment one would expect Mars to feel uncomfortable, but, here Mars is exalted as the energy becomes structured and targeted. Mars in Capricorn acts in order to achieve his goals by being committed, using self-discipline and programming as the actual stimuli is the power of ambition and perseverance. Therefore, the energy at the end is not blocked but rather defined and delimited.

Under this planetary influence we eventually move along the same direction. It seems imperative to set goals that are more realistic and make use our logic. In this phase, the best method is the gradual conquest, to go step-by-step. Mars in Capricorn wants to know where he’s going and helps those who have strategy and don’t go blindly.

Mars in Capricorn increases social activities but, his objective demand is not our personal exposure but taking part in activities based on the social needs and the general good. In other words, he want us to act sensible and consciously. In the frame of this transit, humility is another virtue we must show, that’s why wise person is the one who exerts his power tacitly but also persistently. Otherwise he will face great resistance, because Mars in this placement has a theme problem with any kind of authority that tries to be violently imposed. For as long as Mars is in Capricorn, we realize easier any attempt for trapping and manipulation, a fact that will bring anger to the surface in several cases.

The earthy nature of Capricorn aims for material reward, and for that reason money becomes the essential motive for most of our efforts, as the ultimate purpose is the creation of a stable and secure environment.  

In order to get the maximum of the positive traits, the requirement is the proper management of the energy especially in the case of other planetary influences. As he despises being scattered, during the following period he will test our ability to stay true to our course of action.

Angela Tiki – astrologer


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