Jupiter in Libra

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1st September 2016
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15th September 2016
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Jupiter in Libra


September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017

jupiter-in-libra-angela-tikiAs Jupiter leaves the sign of Virgo on September 9, 2016, and enters the sign of Libra, it marks a turning point of the cosmic energy into new fields. Nowhere else in the zodiac we find a stronger need for BALANCE. Libra is the only sign that has not been given an animate symbolism. Represented by the scale, it depicts its continuous effort to regulate the counterweight in order to keep both sides aligned.

Being an Airy Cardisandro_botticelli_-_the_birth_of_venus_astrologica_grnal sign, it is the first one through which we take the initial step of expression outside ourselves. From Aries to Virgo, we have completed the personal self, become aware of it, realize its usefulness, and now we are ready to coexist on equal terms. Through the system of contraries (opposite sign Aries-I am, I try), we find the “me and you”, “we and the others”. It is the need for communication, for exchange, for interaction, to unify…

botticelli-the-birth-of-venus-astrologica-gr_1_2Libra is ruled by Venus, and whenever we refer to Libra, the relationships field automatically comes in our mind. We visualize Botticelli’s painting, where Venus stands on the shell while she emerges from the spume of the sea, created by the emasculation of her father Uranus. She’s naked but not lustful. The sensation of the delicate and harmonious goddess reflects with absolute precision the Uranian nature of Venus in this placement. She is primarily the symbol of spiritual love and not only the one of the senses. She is the love between the soul and the physical body. She is the power of love, the mature celestial Venus.

Whatever Jupiter touches, he demands freedom, justice and truth. So through his merge with Libra, he seeks the harmonization with the Truth and Justice. “Very well but how do we find it?”… you’ll probably ask. So let’s take it from the beginning. Whichever area/house Libra occupies in our natal chart, it is the place we can or want to find serenity, our sheltered harbor, the Zen state. Despite the fact that it is a positive sign, the energy that flows is YIN. In Libra we despise ugliness, and beauty takes shape and form. Spirit is intangible and we as humans understand the world through the eyesight. So, if we – for example – find calmness in water, we won’t fantasize just someone throwing us water but rather that we swim in clear crystal water. So here’s one difference between beauty and ugliness but also its formatting.

In its simplest expression, we seek to fulfill our soul through external factors. In order not to be alone and feel inadequate, during the following period we can easily idealize people, compromise, draw back, or move towards relationships and collaborations that in other cases we would have probably avoided. In fact, through the sign of Libra we reflect our self in the face of others. What’s missing from us we search it out in the others. Whatever we don’t like in ourselves we mirror it to the others and (by borrowing from the opposite sign of Aries) we attack them mercilessly. The difficult task is to apply balance in a wild and hostile environment.

The new placement of Jupiter in Libra magnifies the qualities of the sign (positive and negative ones). The feeling that prevails is that we work best when we work together. We are aware of our need for companionship, and we cannot easily bear the loneliness. During the following period, most of us will prefer to walk side by side, whether it regards romantic, friendly or professional relationships.

The synonym for Venus Aphrodite is eros. And in this case it concerns the idea of eros/love. It is the mean for the ultimate satisfaction, our power motive. There’s nothing we can’t do in the name of love. But on the other hand, how many times have we blamed love… For our mistakes and for our passions, love automatically is considered as blind. But in which case love is blind? Is it when we are with a gorgeous successful person who turns our life a living hell? Or, when a not so physically impressive person makes us floating on cloud nine? Generally speaking, we would choose the second case (but not the right one). Because there’s no counter for spiritual pleasure nor we can perceive it with the eyes. There’s no shape and no form. So, if Jupiter is seeking for the truth, this is it! The Truth of the Soul.

%ce%b8%ce%b5%ce%bc%ce%b9%cf%82_astrologica_grThe scale of Themis, refers to the personification of the PHYSICAL and ETHICAL ORDER. The etymology of the name Themis – wife of Zeus – is derived from the verb “tithimi” (greek τίθημι), which means it is valid. She symbolizes the LAW and its Justice, not the egocentric and subjective one, but the Divine. Her justice was superior to the gods and mortals, it is sacred and undeniable. So, the righteousness of Jupiter in Libra brings Harmony. It is what it is, and without it no Harmony exists. So, if we want to be in full harmony with ourselves and with our lives, we must coordinate with it. No matter how hard we force things to happen, happiness and joy will come from where it should come… From within! That’s where we find Harmony and Balance and then, we go together with the ones who are on the same wavelength as us. With Jupiter in Libra we’re searching for the perfect identification, peace and love. It is the balancing of the human nature, the desires and the material being with the spiritual man, the intangible, the superior.

Jupiter makes Libra reach the higher levels of the Ultimate Beauty – the Kallos in Greek. What a wonderful word and what a beautiful sense! The ultimate beauty at all levels. We find “Kallos” everywhere around us, it exists in abundance and it’s ours, as long as we recognize it. We can find the beauty/kallos in nature, in music, in arts, in spirit, in love. It is the afterglow of the soul, and is expressed through all of our senses. This wonderful sense that Love gives us, but which we should be able to feel it in every aspect of our life. This is when we have fallen for our soul (not in a narcissistic way). When spiritual beauty exists, everything around us is also beautiful! The evolved soul recognizesmaat_astrologica_gr the fundamental difference between the physical and the spiritual ultimate beauty – Kallos: the first is found in the external environment while and the other one inside us. The direction of the course is the key to Happiness. We tend to search our fulfillment in exogenous factors, while in reality we must first find inner fulfillment and then everything will look wonderful in the material plane. At the end, the ideal is for our Soul to be as light as a feather, just like in the myth of the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, the personification of the truth, justice, honesty and balance of the Cosmic Order. By being fair, true and honest towards our self and our soul, comes the Divine Will, the offset of the prior imbalance.

Jupiter in Libra raises all of these needs to the fullest extent. Although we may realize it, it won’t be difficult at first to follow the easy way. As the Cardinal Cross is re-activated and with the helping hand of Saturn in Sagittarius, we are given the opportunity to redefine beauty, love and peace, and to apply these values not only in our every-day life, but to the humanity as a whole. We are leaving the self-centered stage and we unite with the rest of the world. The powerful energies of Uranus and Pluto are ready to contribute to radical and transformational changes while Saturn in Sagittarius helps with his divine touch of understanding and perception.

In a global level, the test will be on the laws and their justice system, the harmonious (or not) relationship and the cooperation among countries. With the term Justice we refer to the distinction between right and wrong. Jupiter in Libra involves lawyers – the defenders who practice the letter of the law. Therefore, probably during the following period there will be given priority on issues related to the law system and its application or, could reveal sensational cases where the law is not properly and fairly applied, in order to bring changes in the given regime. Through Jupiter in Libra we find movements fighting for equality (where theoretically or objectively injustice prevails), including the feminism, those in favor of the vulnerable people such as the refugees.

Increased indecision and doubtfulness are among the faults that Jupiter could bring in Libra. Diplomacy and tact are virtues of a courteous person but there’s a fine line between being polite and going by the back door. No matter how much Libra detests confrontations, for the sake of calmness there’s a sacrifice. We can’t have both sides satisfied even if that means that we have to come into conflicts.

As I have already mentioned, the entrance of Jupiter in Libra reactivates the Cardinal Cross. Due to his orbit he moves faster in this sign so, by the end of December he will be at the 20 degree opposing Uranus in Aries (Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra) and forming a sextile and trine accordingly with Saturn in Sagittarius. This means that those of us with Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Sun, or personal planets and points on these degrees are particularly affected. Though there’s tension, there’s also an opportunity as long as we synchronize with the cosmic energies…

I wish you have a pleasant and constructive experience through the endless love that Jupiter in Libra carries with him…

Angela Tiki – astrologer


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