Solar Annular Eclipse in Virgo

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20th August 2016
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8th September 2016
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Solar Annular Eclipse in Virgo


September 2016 makes his first-foot with the Annular Solar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo, at 9o21 ‘; This degree in the Mutable signs has been triggered oftentimes lately and will continue to occupy us in the Eclipse solar 2016 Angela Tikicoming months, as Neptune will be moving there by the end of September until the first 10 days of 2017 and, furthermore – on January 7, the new synodic cycle of Mars-Neptune will form at 9o44 ‘ of Pisces.

The Eclipse belongs to the Saros series 135, which first started on 15 July 1331 (22:46:38 UTC) in the sign of Cancer (20o31′) with Mercury and North node in the same sign – ruler Moon – and Neptune conjuncts the South Node, something that makes it automatically a highly emotional eclipse. In the third decane, under the rulership of Neptune, the influence is esoteric, psychic, and/or spiritual sensitivity expressed by the sign the eclipse of this series occurs – in our case in Virgo – «Eclipse Manual Interpretation – Rose Lineman».

We must keep in mind that the Eclipse at the 9th degree of Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is also found in Virgo in retrograde motion, adding inwardness, conversion of communication with ourselves and true self-criticism.

The pattern that dominates is the T-square of Sun-Moon in Virgo, Mars-Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. I’m sure you’ve read the difficulty exerted through this Eclipse. I would agree that it is not an easy “walk”, but I disagree in terms of its charged doom. As I have repeatedly said, man’s nature is such that « if words don’t get through, a beating will».

The sign of Virgo is the one through which we experience the greatest stress, as it is the point where chaos predominate and we are constantly trying to sort out the useful from the useless, to clear up our thoughts, to set priorities, to «cleanse» our surroundings. It is our everyday life, our program, our routine. Above all however, it is the Production Line of the finished product. Through the 5 previous signs, our Ego has been formed and now we are getting prepared to present our self to the others, through the sign of Libra. In this transitional stage, we have to discard the waste, get rid of the defective habits and situations, for the benefit of our personal well-being and prosperity. When we pile up useless things in the storage, what is the benefit we gain, other than be burdened and occupy the space needed. This is how anxiety arises and health problems break out through our physical body.

The influence of Mars-Saturn and Neptune in the Eclipse, creates alternations of mental strength and debilitation. The Sun’s position is neutral, but the Moon in Virgo is not in its best (those of you who have it in your natal chart, you know how it is). Virgo analyzes everything, becomes judgmental, sticks to details, insecurities operate at the expense of emotions and cannot function easily without rationalizing everything. In fact here, being both Sun and Moon under the pressure of Mars, they are ready to turn any disagreements and confrontations into obsessive situations. In reality, this is actually an inner tension we’re talking about, but, someone else has to pay the bill, right?  In total, the desideratum or challenge if you wish, is to overcome the self-centeredness, the coldness, the frustrations, to stop seeing everything in a dark and negative way. So if the stiffness is an integral part of our character, then no good can come out. Let us be grateful for all the worthy things we have and everything we have achieved.

As not all people have the same will for progress and self-criticism, if you come across with such people then the best thing you can do is to change the sidewalk. If they do not appreciate you until now, what makes you think that you will be appreciated along the way? They probably don’t have the ability to recognize their own faults and they are nourished by detecting yours…

Magia della LunaNeptune creates sandstorms of emotional confusion, with a tendency to obsessive behavior. If we are guided by our emotions, where are they based on? Are they pure and sincere? Or they are colored by our insecurities? Being in opposition to the Sun-Moon, we need to pay attention to people reaching us out a helping hand, the incentives that bring them in our way or the reasons we choose to trust them. The power of reason is necessary and the faith in listening the voice of our soul, which asks us to sacrifice something, something we give value more than we should…


With the third and last square of Saturn-Neptune this month (exact contact on 10 September) let’s bring purity in our lives by dissolving the establishments that do not suit us… I wish that this eclipse will light your life for the best! Our soul speaks and we must listen. We might pass everything through fine sieve – this is something we cannot easily avoid – but the final purpose is to purify our lives. Hold the help steady, the final destination will compensate you. Difficulties exist only to surpass them, but never stop wondering what it is that created them in the first place. We learn from our mistakes, but you can’t forgive the same false step twice, right?

That’s all from me with all my love…

Angela Tiki – astrologer


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