Saturn- Neptune square

20th July 2016
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11th August 2016
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Saturn- Neptune square



Saturn Neptune cycle 2015-16

kronosDuring the perpetual movement of the celestial bodies, the planets intertwine their energies through the aspects created. When the formations though, are among slower moving planets, then, the outcome is of greater weight and the impact affects humanity on the whole.  The effect overpasses the limits of individualism while the symbolism of the energies emerged, pertain concepts which are higher than the physical world, the world that we perceive as our reality.

We are going through a period in which, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces confront each other’s power, as for about 10 months they will be moving closely, forming 3 exact squares on November 26, 2015 – 07o02’’ degree, on June 18, 2016 – 12o02’’ and finally on September  10, 2016 – 10o25”.

The merging of Saturn with Neptune is a complicated and totally adverse union, in terms of the qualities they advocate separately. The epitome of limitation, the firm and disciplined Saturn, is called to collaborate with the boundless, compassionate, dreamer and visionary Neptune. While Saturn builds, Neptune deconstructs. While Saturn is rigid, cold and rational, Neptune swims in the endless ocean of emotions and self-sacrifice. At the end, Neptune can hardly respond to the linear dimensional Saturn, simply because he is multidimensional… he moves in fields that the human mind is unable to conceive.


So what does this fusion produces? First we have to point out that, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces so, being here is in a dominant position and therefore, the qualities he expresses are magnified. His aim is to make us surpass our guilt complexes and limitations, with the ultimate aim of spiritual catharsis. The interference of Saturn brings on the surface our need to control and the fear of losing it, even though we might realize that we have to let go. As a result, we avoid taking responsibilities and we prefer to escape, turning our back to the problem. We become passive in other words and flagellate ourselves instead of standing up for our rights. Sometimes, this combination abolishes our capability to see the outer world as it really is. In substance, it falls short in terms of practicality, allowing the imagination and the illusions to rampant.

Emotions are confused and variable. Because of the moodiness it’s almost impossible to exercise good judgement and consequently we see what we want to see (or imagine), always in view of our personal experiences and beliefs. We question the authority and go in favor of the weak and persecuted – but sometimes appearances can be deceptive. The conditions are ideal to be misled and take the role of the victim through intrigues.

On the other hand, we may idealize authority. In the context of our need for ideological identification, we may blindly and fanatically follow people and ideas that promise us justification, spiritual uplift and the fulfillment of our emotional needs.

However, since everything has its bright side – with some effort and understanding from our part of course – we can apply our great aspirations and pursue what we love, that is, to MAKE our DREAMS HAPPEN. In its best expression, this aspect gives the practical idealist, the one who recognizes his limits but nevertheless works towards the direction where he will turn an aspiration into reality.

The current synodic cycle of Saturn-Neptune started in 1989 (March 3rd – 11o53’, June 23rd – 11o53’, November 13th – 10o19’) in the sign of Capricorn. In the given schema, Saturn is in a dominant position since he was moving in the sign he traditionally rules. He gave the stigma for the need to dissolve the system of the authoritative principles, in an aim to renew the structures. However, whenever Neptune is involved, there’s confusion and hidden messages that the common sense cannot comprehend. He gives birth to hope and to emotions of transcendental love and offering, but, lacks in practical application (only because we are far from the equivalent levels of consciousness).

1989 has linked the collective consciousness with The Fall of the Berlin Wall. The debilitation of the Soviet Union and the historic Perestroika of Gorbachev paved the way for the reunion of Germany. Thanks to the world’s dominant feeling that, “humans must be free” (especially in the heart of Europe) and the consecutive demonstrations, finally led to the fall of the “wall of shame” in November 9th 1989 (3rd and final conjunction of Saturn-Neptune). From a humanitarian point of view, this was an act of triumph over the democratic ideal – synonymous to liberation – even though in practice it brought to the surface tremendous difficulties in the infrastructure of the urban planning.

The first square between Saturn and Neptune was formed in late ’90s. Let’s travel back and see how this affected the world… It’s June 25th 1998 when we had the first contact (Saturn/Taurus & Neptune/Aquarius-Rx 01o30’) the second one on November 1st of the same year (Saturn/Aries & Neptune/Capricorn 29o31’) and finally on April 6th 1999 (Saturn/Taurus-Rx & Neptune/Aquarius 04o07’).

If we refresh our memory we can recall a series of attacks caused by the Kosovo Liberating Army (UÇK) and the reaction of the Serbians, perpetuating a problem where we can trace its actual source in the Ethnic-Religion relationship. Initially, a temporary solution was given in 1990, at least until the time has come so that Kosovo could become an independent state. However, things were getting worst and worst until eventually they reached a crisis point.

Terrorist attacks started on February 1998 and continued until – on November 1998 (second Saturn-Neptune square) – the American diplomat Richard Holbrooke as special presidential envoy, worked to end the conflict between the armed forces of the two opponents. The solution was not tangible so, the third and last square of Saturn-Neptune marked the beginning of the NATO attacks in the area on March 24, 1999. Nevertheless, the solution given was rather vague (Neptune’s ambiguity) since Kosovo is independent but a partially recognized state.

Déjà vu: in this case about 20,000 refugees abounded their homes in order to avoid the violence of war. 16 years later, they have not managed to repatriate despite the promises of the ruling powers. In our days we have another wave of refugees from Syria and other countries, a repetitive pattern with a similar source. The common denominator is the use of the religious and nationalistic beliefs of people. Whether it is for the benefit of hidden interest, mascaraed in a form of feelings of compassion and injustice in order to justify their actions or not, we really cannot tell.

Let’s continue with some other events such as:

  • The simultaneous bomb attacks of two American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya on August 7, 1998. The conclusion reached was that the mastermind behind the deadly terrorist attacks was (the unknown at that time) Osama bin Laden.
  • The beginning of the crisis between Iraq and the Western counties on 31 October 1998, when Iraq announced that had no intention to continue cooperating with the United Nations weapon inspectors.
  • The arrest of Abdullah Ocalan on February 16th 1999 in Kenya from a group of Turkish delegates. This is an extreme Neptunian case since the Greeks were supposed to give him political asylum but the rest of the story is a mystery. This case is full of hidden facts – Neptune on behalf of authority-Saturn.

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