Lunar eclipse – February 2017

Capricorn-Cancer Fullmoon
11th January 2017
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Lunar eclipse – February 2017

Lunar eclipse Feb 2017_angela_tiki

LUNAR ECLIPSE ☼ Aquarius ♒ – ☽ Leo ♌ 22o28’

February 10-11, 2017

Here we are on February, the month of the first eclipses for the year 2017. We are already under the influence of the Lunar eclipse, which will occur on the 10th or 11th, depending on the area you’re located .

Halfway the Moon cycle – the full moon phase – we find fulfilment, completion and illumination, or, we may experience opposite effects such as conflicts, dilemmas and inner or relationship imbalances. It all depends on how we’ve handled life challenges so far, how scared we were to free ourselves, how much we resisted in the process of spiritual development. This is the time when the Moon reflects the Solar light in its maximum to Earth, to us. But during an eclipse, the Earth blocks the light, by interfering – partially or totally – with the Sun-Moon alignment.

The Moon in Leo adds emotional vitality and personal will. It brings into focus our need for pleasure, creative expression and inner satisfaction. The vigorous force of the Sun – Leo’s ruler – prompts us to connect with our heart. Using the Aquarian solar quality, this is our chance to bring awareness into a higher intellectual level. Realizing the essence of life is the cornerstone for personal progress and advancement.

Relationships and keeping balance are the main themes of the eclipse. Not only the luminaries but also Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries are forming an opposition, stretching each other to different directions. This formation produces stress, as one part is asking for liberation and the other for unity. In a superficial level, one can experience a split between the two energies. The fundamental message is to be original and authentic towards ourselves and the others. The prerequisite elements though are, to discover and embrace the truth and thus ascend spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. Jupiter expands the Uranian trends: the need for freedom, the need to rebel against pointless restrictions, the need to upgrade. It’s time to say “enough is enough” to all firmly fixed attitudes, relationships and conditions that are keeping us hostages, and which prevent us from being genuine and truthful to the core of our soul. Open up to the divine messages! Don’t hesitate to trust and believe…

This particular eclipse forms a rather rare aspect pattern, the mystic rectangle. There are two oppositions, two trines and two sextiles, in fiery and airy sings, adding masculine and extroverted energy. The energy flows smoothly and effortlessly, which doesn’t mean necessarily that there’s no shock, discontent or even pain. As long as we are in sync with the subtle celestial frequencies, we realize that the external occurrences are depictions of our inner condition or a result of our previous choices. As the term “mystic” has magical properties, this configuration is a wake-up call! All we have to do is to decide to take action..! But… beware! Acting under the raw drive of Mars inMystic rectangle Aries and therefore being eager to reach our goals, there’s a danger to act impulsively and irresponsibly.

Another major theme in the chart is the fiery Grand Trine which allows the energy of Uranus (Aries), Moon (Leo) and Saturn (Sagittarius) to flow smoothly and freely. The need for emotional freedom and excitement is coupled with a more cautious behavior, a sense of duty and responsibility. At this point, Saturn  becomes the most important player. Standing on the top of the pyramid, he is the final receiver filtering all ideas, emotions, reactions and beliefs.

Even though the lunar eclipse occurs in the Aquarius-Leo axis, the lunar nodes are still moving in the Pisces-Virgo axis and the following solar eclipse (Feb 26) will be in Pisces accompanied by Neptune. The qualities and elements of the two eclipses are totally different so at this point we’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it looks right now to change things immediately. We must organize our life, our thoughts and emotions, and set our boundaries by understanding our needs and detach from the past. It takes extra effort to “ground” things and “cleanse” – purify, the environment around us, whereas it is very helpful in terms of spiritual approach to life and connecting to our subconscious.

Lunar Nodes are in the midpoint of Mercury (Aquarius) / Venus (Aries) and this addsLunar_feb_11_2017yod additional need to appreciate beauty, exchange ideas and express our feelings. In a positive manifestation, we appreciate the gifts of our life, be inspired, understand how to give shape and form to our ideas, what love means to us. On the other hand, if we’re rigid and unable to let things go, it can only bring negative thoughts and frustration. Nevertheless, we must learn to distinguish the ones worth to relate to or listen to. Tune your frequency! Being an emotional sponge to discordance, distracts our inner harmony…  

Chiron-Saturn square

Being able to recognize, to perceive and appreciate the real essence of beauty – in bothLunar_feb_11_2017chiron internal and external level – is more than a precious gift. As Saturn in Sagittarius aspects Chiron in Pisces, we are asked to bring down our fears, the self-imposed blockages and the attitudes that prevent us to advance, to succeed, to mature. On the other hand, we must set our limits and take responsibility in the areas where we feel insecure, rejected and hurt. It’s time to bring repetitive inherited behavioral patterns into conscious, find the source of our negative feelings and emotions and confront them.  Ultimately, we set the stage for future healthy and stable relationships. Let the past stay in the past, but don’t allow to prior mistakes and failures to define and understate your self-worth…

Remember that Venus will soon stop chasing Mars while trying to correct the damages he creates, by turning into retrograde motion on March 4th. In the meantime, the abundance of masculine energy creates impatience and a sense of urgency. It’s the same energy that makes us shift our search for fulfilment to external factors and conditions. A case like this is in discordance with the Venusian demands. Happiness is found within! And Venus will reveal herself in mid-April, when she will station-direct on Chiron-Saturn square, a terminal womb-healing process…   

Angela Tiki astrologer

Greek satellite for OPA the Organization for Professional Astrology





The Lunar eclipse of February 2017 belongs in the Saros series 114. Lunar eclipses of Saros 114 all occur at the Moon’s ascending node and the Moon moves southward with each eclipse. 




The series began with a penumbral eclipse near the northern edge of the penumbra on 0971 May 13. The series will end with a penumbral eclipse near the southern edge of the penumbra on 2233 Jun 22.

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